AmazingViews.com provide an API to display amazing natural scenery onto devices and display technology.

Imagine having the Grand Canion or fantastic seaside views in your apparment or officespace. Amazing Views will transform the dull officespace to natural spaces where you can work and prosper.

Living in urban environments we often lack direct access to nature and we have to commute to reach the areas we think are the most beautiful, having AmazingViews in your livingroom will transform your home and the experience of beeing at home

AmazingViews use projector technology and modern transparent OLEDs, as well as LED fans to display high definition content on any surface, including glass.

It is possible to rent our projectors and display technology. Please contact us for a quote and availability.

Please contact us on phone or email : +47 940 55 181 / post[a]amazingviews.com